This post is pretty sketchy.

This here’s a quick sketch of some characters from my graphic novel I’m working on.  This doesn’t necessarily represent the appearance of the characters in the final product, but I don’t think they’ll change too drastically.  I think most of the designs are fairly nailed down.

The story is still in the early scripting stages.  I’ve written an outline, and I’m in the process of writing various notes to help make it more solid.  Once that gets done, I’ll get back to working on the actual script.  Once that’s done, I’ll draw it.  Once that’s done, I’ll either put it on the web or make it a book.  Once that’s done, I’ll go sit in a box and think of more ideas.


Keep in mind, my original characters are PROPERTY OF ME, GREG McMAHON.  They are not to be used without my permission.

By Gregzilla

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