Ridley me this, Bat-troid.

And with every awesome video game protagonist, there must also be an awesome video game antagonist.     In this case, a 20-something-year-old chick in alien robo-armor vs. a giant freakin’ space dragon!


Ridley is the most frequently recurring villain in the Metroid series, and one of my personal favorite villains ever.  After I drew Samus, I felt the urge to balance it all out by drawing her arch-nemesis. From space.

Decided to go for a cool blue tone in this one, to contrast the red-hot tone in the Samus pic.  I also added some blood at the last minute just to show how vicious this guy is.  ‘Cuz this is the internet, where I can draw whatever the heck I want without persecution, and if I want blood, I’m gonna throw in some blood, gosh-dernit!  It kinda got me wondering about the possibilities of an M-rated Metroid game.  It’ll probably never happen, but I think it could give the series a more brutal edge, which I’d find interesting.

So yeah, it’s pretty obvious I like video games.  Expect plenty more game fan-art down the line, as well as maybe some other features like reviews and Top 10 lists.

For now, enjoy this piece!


EDIT: Thanks to my idiotic Mac’s confusing color calibration, this pic ended up looking much more purple than I intended.  So I fiddled with some settings for quite some time and got it looking much better, but it still doesn’t look quite right, which makes me sad.  Oh well, in the future I will try to prevent this sort of annoyance from happening.

By Gregzilla

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