Figuring it out

Okay, so I’m in the process of getting the hang of WordPress and eventually I’m going to move to an independent host so I have more freedom with the whole site.  In the meantime I’m gonna add some pics here while I get acquainted with the tools for building my own site.  Enjoy!


UPDATE 4/13/12: As mentioned in the April 13th post, here is some info about this guy.  His name is Anthony, and he is part of a very large cast of characters I’ve created during my life.  I made him up a couple months ago, making him one of my newest creations.  He’s a total metal-head, though he’s never actually held a guitar. I’ll leave it at that fer now. Enjoy, and some time in the future I will discuss my characters in great detail.

Keep in mind, my original characters are PROPERTY OF ME, GREG McMAHON.  They are not to be used without my permission.

By Gregzilla

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