A Quick Introduction

Greg here. Or Gregzilla as I’ve come to be known on the web.

I am a young aspiring cartoonist, and I thought I should start getting my work out for other people to appreciate.  Keeping a bunch of sketches on my desk isn’t going to land me a TV series any time soon.  So this is where I am going to post my various artwork; original characters, concept art, rough sketches, random doodles, etc.  I specialize in cartoon drawing, and I hope to have my own TV cartoon sometime in the future.  Better to start making a name for myself sooner than later!

And with that, I look forward to hopefully gaining an audience and showing my work to the world!

Hmm, now where to start…..um…..here, have a cat.

Keep in mind, my original characters are PROPERTY OF ME, GREG McMAHON.  They are not to be used without my permission.

By Gregzilla

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